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About nBibo

If you're like most homeowners, you like to build, modify, or repair things around the house by yourself without the direct aid of a professional. With the nBibo app you'll be able to handle your project at home independently, with guidance from one of our qualified experts.

How nBibo Works

Download & Sign-In

The nBibo app is free to download and currently available on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. After downloading, open the app and create your profile.

Connect With An Expert

Tell us what you need help with! Pick a category and we’ll connect you with the right expert. The first 90-seconds of your call are on us – we offer a free initial consultation period with every DIY expert.

Chat With Your Expert

When connected, you can choose to chat over video or audio-only. Take the time to give as much detail as possible and use the power of video to show where the issues you’re having are.

Get The Job Done

Now you’re ready to complete the job! Take the guidance from your expert and move forward on your project with ease. Then it’s on to the next one!

Benefits of nBibo

Save Time & Money

No more waiting for a contractor or technician to come to your house. Don’t pay $100+ for a simple inspection or quote when you can solve your problems in minutes with the nBibo app.

Be Confident You're Doing It Right

When you connect with an expert through the nBibo app, you’ll have the confidence you need to do the job yourself. Our verified experts are standing by to help guide you through any obstacles you may encounter along the way.

Experts Are Local To You

The nBibo database of verified experts are local to your area, making it easy to discuss and diagnose the help and issues you may be facing that those outside of your area may not be familiar with.

Features of nBibo

Realtime Face-to-Face Video Chat

Video chatting is the quickest, easiest and most flexible way to communicate with an expert while avoiding misunderstandings. It gives your expert a first-hand look at the project without needing to schedule an in-person visit.

Connect In Seconds

Faster access to faster help. With nBibo, being put on hold or waiting for a call back is a thing of the past.

Wide Variety of Experts

From chimneys and basements to plumbing and appliances, we’ve got you covered. nBibo has a fully-loaded database of local experts ready to answer your call. More categories of expertise are added regularly!

Build A Network Of Trusted Experts

After having a great and helpful experience with an expert, you’ll be able to save them to your network and reconnect directly on your next project.

All Experts Local To Your Area

Every expert you speak with will be local to your area with the knowledge and experience working within local ordinances, zoning codes, etc.

Pay Easily & Securely

We take the protection of your personal data and privacy seriously and treat it confidentially when processing payments through the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand there's a lot to learn about nBibo since we are the only app of our kind. If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact us at info@nbibo.com.

nBibo is available for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

nBibo is completely free to download and set up. The first 90-seconds of your call are always free – after that, you only pay $1 per minute.

Your nBibo expert will always be a highly-skilled professional in their particular field. Each independent expert has been vetted to make sure that they have the right skills, experience, certifications, and personal touch to help you with your project.

You’ll have three minutes to make sure that your expert is the right fit for the job. You can end the call within 90-seconds and you won’t be charged a penny! If the call lasts longer than 90-seconds and you are still not satisfied, simply report the call to us and we will work on issuing you a refund.

You’ll have 90-seconds to make sure that your connection is stable. In the event it is not good enough to communicate, you can end the call within 90-seconds and you won’t be charged a penny! If the call lasts longer than 90-seconds and you lose connection, simply report the call to us and we will work on issuing you a refund.

We are always looking to add qualified experts to our crew. Emails us at experts@nbibo.com and start the vetting process.

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Get In Touch

Have questions about using nBibo? We'd be glad to help answer them. Shoot us a message through the form below, and we'll respond ASAP.